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Passing ITIL Exam

Expert Tips: How to Pass the ITIL Foundation Exam

Published: February 1, 2016
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Tip 1: Answer questions from the ITIL perspective

Remember that the ITIL exam is testing your knowledge of the processes, functions, tools, roles and general concepts explained in the 5 ITIL books.

Even though it may be tempting to present your answers based on what occurs in your own organization, or from your own experience or ‘common sense’, try to avoid this. Always answer questions from the perspective of the ITIL framework.

Tip 2: Use clear, concise and simple language

Remember that when creating targets for your SLAs, OLAs and UCs, the language you use should be simple and clear. If people are required to follow your targets, they need to be able to understand them first. This also means avoiding unnecessary jargon and legalese.

However you should keep the targets measurable, specific and complete. Keep your writing simple, but don’t make it vague – leave no room for ambiguity.

Tip 3: Be sure of ITIL Terms and Definitions

ITIL contains a large amount of specific terminology and definitions – making sure you have a good grasp on these definitions is a great way to make sure you are prepared for the exam. In addition, be aware of certain ‘keywords’ which are loosely connected to various concepts within ITIL.

Tip 4: Know how to frame ITIL in terms of business value

You should be able to explain how each phase of the ITIL lifecycle provides value in a business context. If you aren’t clear on this, refer to the 5 ITIL books and make sure you’re aware before going into the exam.

Tip 5: Use the “Answer Rationales” to understand how the exam should be approached

APMG’s sample exams are a great way to get some realistic practice before you sit the exam. To make the most of your exam practice, ensure that you cross reference your answers against the ‘answer rationales’.

All Good e-Learning ITIL examinations contain official sample exams released by APMG with the corresponding Answer Rationales. Check to see if your exam materials have the Rationales included they are provide the following information:

  • Reasoning for all the correct answers
  • The location within the Core ITIL Publications of the information used for the answer
  • The learning objectives which are addressed with that particular question

From everyone at Good e-Learning, good luck!

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