Awareness: MSP® 5th Edition

Learn the basics of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and how it can transform your program management practices!

MSP 5th Edition is one of the world’s leading program management frameworks. This course from Good e-Learning offers an excellent introduction to MSP, as well as its Principles, Processes, and Themes. Students also learn the benefits of the framework and how to proceed along the MSP certification path. By the end of the course, you will be ready to get started with the MSP Foundation syllabus! Kickstart your MSP training today!

Welcome to Awareness: MSP® 5th Edition

Learning Objectives

This module introduces the main features of the course, including the learning plan, structure, aims, and objectives.

It also offers a diagram pack, glossary, and further reading and links document.

Module 1: Introduction to Programs and MSP

Learning Objectives

This module provides definitions for ‘program’, ‘program management’, and ‘MSP’. It also goes through several of the benefits of using the MSP methodology and outlines the MSP certification scheme.

Module 2: Introduction to the MSP® Principles

Learning Objectives

This module goes over the characteristics of the seven Principles that any MSP program needs to follow.

Module 3: Introduction to the MSP® Themes

Learning Objectives

This module looks at the Themes of MSP program management. These are addressed on an ongoing basis throughout the program lifecycle.

Module 4: Introduction to the MSP® Processes

Learning Objectives

This module explores the seven MSP Processes and how they are applied to the lifecycle of a program to optimize the chance of successful delivery.

Module 5: MSP 5th Edition Awareness Wrap-Up

Learning Objectives

This module summarizes the course, wrapping it up for students and informing them of what to expect from the MSP 5th Edition certification path.

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What is Managing Successful Programmes?

‘Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)’ is a program and project management framework. It offers flexible yet comprehensive best practices for planning, instigating, managing, and concluding successful programs, breaking them down into more manageable projects with clearly defined goals.

How does MSP work?

MSP works by breaking down large and complex programs into more manageable projects. It also provides non-prescriptive best practices for program management, which can be used and adapted in virtually any industry, sector, or location.

The MSP framework describes Themes, Processes, and Principles, which detail how to structure and implement program plans. The best practices and insight of the framework can be adapted to suit any program, regardless of industry, location, sector, or anything else.

What does the MSP certification path look like?

The MSP certification path starts with MSP Foundation, before moving on to MSP Practitioner and, finally, MSP Advanced Practitioner.

How can MSP benefit businesses?

The framework is flexible and adaptive enough to suit almost any organization or program. It also clarifies goals, lines of communication, and roles, enabling streamlined decision-making and making it easier to complete programs on time and within budget.

Practitioners also continually assess their projects for the sake of risk management and ensuring a focus on the ‘Business Case’.

Who can use MSP?

Due to its adaptable and non-prescriptive nature, almost any organization can use MSP. An MSP qualification can also be highly useful for both aspiring or experienced project or program managers.

What is AXELOS?

AXELOS is a joint venture company that owns and updates several leading best practice frameworks, including MSP, AgileSHIFT, ITIL 4 and PRINCE2.

What are the prerequisites for MSP Practitioner?

In order to sit the Practitioner exam, a student must first earn their Foundation certification.

What do I need to know about the MSP exams?

The Foundation exam is closed book and has 60 multiple-choice questions. It lasts 60 minutes and has a pass mark of 60%.
The Practitioner exam is open book and has 70 questions. The exam lasts 150 minutes, and the pass mark is 60%.

What other frameworks can complement MSP?

MSP can be used alongside several other frameworks, including ITIL 4 and PRINCE2.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Program managers, business change managers, and aspiring project managers

  • Individuals and organizations seeking a basic understanding of MSP and its certification path

  • Team members who will be contributing to MSP programs

  • MSP newcomers looking for an introduction to the framework before moving on to further study

  • Stakeholders, managers, and R&D staff seeking to understand the benefits of MSP and whether to invest in company training

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • An overview of the MSP program management method

  • The core elements and terminology of MSP

  • The benefits of implementing MSP

  • The language and structure of MSP and its integrated elements, the Principles, Processes, and Themes

Why should you take this course?

  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is one of the world’s most highly regarded program and project management frameworks

  • This MSP Awareness course offers an excellent introduction to the framework, along with its key elements and most important benefits

  • MSP 5th Edition is the latest iteration of the framework and reflects current best practices in program management

  • The course features various e-learning resources to optimize retention and help students along

  • Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider

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