Awareness: PRINCE2® Agile

Learn how to combine PRINCE2 and Agile project management with this PRINCE2 Agile Awareness course from Good e-Learning!

This course offers an excellent introduction to PRINCE2 Agile, the perfect framework for businesses looking to utilize the flexible and proven PRINCE2 framework in Agile environments. By the end of the course, students will have a high-level understanding of the structure and themes of PRINCE2 Agile, as well as the essential elements of blending the two styles. Kickstart your PRINCE2 Agile training today!

Welcome to PRINCE2 Agile Awareness

Learning Objectives

Module zero introduces candidates to the course, including its aims and objectives, learning plan, and structure. Candidates also receive a diagram pack, course guide, and glossary.

Module 1: PRINCE2 Agile – The Basics

Learning Objectives

Module one examines what PRINCE2 Agile is and who can benefit from the skills and key concepts taught throughout the PRINCE2 Agile certification path.

Module 2: PRINCE2 Agile Structure

Learning Objectives

Module two introduces candidates to the Structure and Themes of PRINCE2 Agile.

Module 3: Memory Game

Learning Objectives

This module features a memory game to test students on what they have learned in the course so far.

Module 4: Tailoring PRINCE2 Agile

Learning Objectives

Module four looks at blending and tailoring PRINCE2 and Agile project management.

Module 5: PRINCE2 Agile Awareness Course Wrap-up

Learning Objectives

This module summarizes the course, wrapping it up for students and informing them of what to expect from the PRINCE2 Agile certification path.

No Exam With This Course

What is PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile is a huhely popular and growing project management methodology that combines PRINCE2 and Agile practices for a modern corporate environment.

How valuable is PRINCE2 Agile training?

PRINCE2 Agile equips users with knowledge on two of the most highly rated project management methodologies in the world.

Practitioners can often unlock greater responsibilities and higher paying roles in a variety of locations, industries, and sectors, with more experienced users often earning six figures.

How can PRINCE2 Agile benefit businesses?

PRINCE2 Agile offers the clarity and control of PRINCE2 alongside the flexibility of Agile. It can also provide huge boosts to efficiency and communication, especially with multiple practitioners familiar with the terminology of the framework.

Who can use PRINCE2 Agile?

Prince2 Agile can be used by virtually any organization in any industry, sector, or location. Studying PRINCE2 Agile can also be extremely useful for both prospective and experienced project managers.

What other frameworks can complement PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile is compatible with several other frameworks, including ITIL 4 and MSP.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Prospective and experienced project managers interested in learning about PRINCE2 Agile

  • Organizations seeking to learn more about the combined framework before investing in PRINCE2 Agile certification training

  • Any candidates interested in project management

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • An overview of the concepts and techniques involved in PRINCE2 Agile project management

  • Why and how organizations combined PRINCE2 and Agile

  • A high-level understanding of the Principles, Themes, and Processes of PRINCE2 Agile

Why should you take this course?

  • PRINCE2 Agile combines PRINCE2 (the world’s most popular project management framework) with Agile (a management style that optimizes flexibility and is becoming much more popular in the world of business)

  • Studying PRINCE2 Agile is an excellent way for candidates to unlock new job opportunities and even higher salaries

  • This PRINCE2 Agile Awareness course offers an excellent introduction to how PRINCE2 Agile works and how it benefits companies

  • Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a proven track record of upskilling professionals and helping them earn valuable qualifications

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