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Management of Risk (M_o_R) is an AXELOS framework offering proven tools and best practices for understanding, predicting, and responding to potential risks.

This course refreshes candidates on their knowledge of the framework’s principles, approach, and processes, as well as how they can be embedded, reviewed, and applied in response to different risks. It also features a case study and two practice exams to help candidates understand all four of M_o_R’s perspectives: Strategic, Program, Project, and Operational. By the end of the course, candidates will be fully prepared to sit and pass the M_o_R Practitioner exam.

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Welcome to M_o_R Practitioner

Learning Objectives

This module introduces the course, including its learning plan, aims, objectives, structure, and main features. Students receive a diagram pack, glossary, further reading and links document, and several links to download copies of the framework’s publications.

The module also addresses some of the most common questions about M_o_R Practitioner.

Module 1: Foundation Recap 1

Learning Objectives

This module returns to the Perspectives, Approach, and Principles of M_o_R. It also helps students understand how to measure the value of M_o_R before covering supporting documents such as the Issue Register.

Module 2: Foundation Recap 2

Learning Objectives

The module returns to the M_o_R Process and how to embed and review M_o_R within an organization. It then expands on the tools and techniques of the framework and how they are used at different steps within the Process.

Module 3: M_o_R Practitioner Scenario Introduction

Learning Objectives

This module establishes a scenario-based practice. It uses this to provide guidance on the question types found in the M_o_R Practitioner certification exam.

The module also outlines how to navigate the rest of the course and how the scenario will be used later on.

Module 4: The Strategic Perspective

Learning Objectives

This module presents a scenario-based test situation. The scenario applies M_o_R from different perspectives and concludes with a 20-mark exam with questions that ask students to consider the scenario from a strategic viewpoint.

Module 5: The Programme Perspective

Learning Objectives

This module shifts focus to the Program Perspective. It focuses on the realistic application of M_o_R from this viewpoint and concludes with another 20-mark exam.

Module 6: The Project Perspective

Learning Objectives

This module switches to the Project Perspective. As previously, the module then looks at the realistic application of M_o_R from this viewpoint and concludes with a 20-mark exam.

Module 7: The Operational Perspective

Learning Objectives

This module addresses the final perspective of M_o_R, Operational. The module covers the realistic application of M_o_R from this viewpoint before moving on to a 20-mark exam.

Module 8: M_o_R Practitioner Wrap-up

Learning Objectives

This final module offers a summary of all the key points covered throughout the course. Students are advised to revisit previous modules to become as familiar as possible with the course material before attempting the official exam.

Practice Exam Simulators

Learning Objectives

This module features a short video on how to best approach the M_o_R Practitioner exam. It also revisits several useful techniques covered elsewhere in the course.

The module also features two full practice exams, one provided by AXELOS and the other by Good e-Learning.

This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit and pass the Management of Risk (M_o_R) Practitioner exam. Students must first achieve Foundation-level certification before booking the Practitioner exam. The course features two practice exams to help students prepare for the real thing.

When a candidate is ready to sit the exam, they can contact the Good e-Learning support team to receive a FREE exam voucher to do so.

Before booking your exam, it will be a good idea to make sure that your device meets the technical requirements. You can do so via this online test. This test will examine the suitability of your webcam, microphone and internet connection. Please visit the PeopleCert website for more information and guidance.

When you are ready to use your free exam voucher, simply contact [email protected]. Exam voucher requests are typically processed within 2 working days but please allow up to 5. Students must request their exam voucher within the course access period which starts from the date of purchase. For more information, please visit our Support & FAQs page.

Prerequisite certifications:

Management of Risk (M_o_R) Practitioner exam:

  • The exam features objective testing

  • There are four questions per paper, with 20 marks available per question

  • Students must score at least 40 marks to pass (50%)

  • The exam lasts three hours (180 minutes)

  • The exam is open-book. Candidates may use the official printed hard copy of the ‘Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners’ guide. The ‘ABC Guide Part A Example Techniques’ guidance document is also allowed. The manual may be annotated and tabulated, but no sticky notes and loose-leaf papers containing additional notes will be allowed

What is Management of Risk (M_o_R)?

M_o_R is an AXELOS risk management framework designed to help practitioners identify, assess, and respond to risk. It is comprehensive yet flexible, offering practices and tools that can be applied throughout a business to remove risks and even turn them into opportunities.

How does M_o_R work?

M_o_R utilizes several Principles and Perspectives, as well as a distinct approach, to embed risk management within an organization. It also defines several ‘steps’ for a successful risk management strategy.

How can M_o_R benefit businesses?

M_o_R offers a number of benefits to practitioners and their organizations including identifying and responding to threats, identifying a variety of risks, including wastage and fraud, enhancing a business’s long-term risk management capabilities and embedding permanent risk management practices.

Who can use M_o_R?

M_o_R training is relevant to a variety of candidates, including Project managers, Change managers, Risk managers, Program managers, Support staff, Operational staff and Senior stakeholders

How valuable is M_o_R training?

According to PayScale, risk managers in the UK can earn between £33,000 and £81,000 on average. In the USA, they can earn between $57,000 and $131,000.

That said, it is worth pointing out that M_o_R risk management practices are also valuable for other career paths, such as program management, IT service management, and change management.

Why is M_o_R so popular?

Risk management has become a far more popular discipline in recent years. Businesses are finding that they need to evolve more rapidly in the Digital Age, which can lead to regular or even continuous business transformation initiatives.

At the same time, risk management has also evolved as a discipline. It is becoming a popular specialist career path and is now closely connected with organizational strategy and alignment. In other words, there are far more opportunities available for those with noteworthy risk management experience and skills.

M_o_R also has a significant pedigree, having come from AXELOS (the organization behind frameworks such as PRINCE2, ITIL 4, and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)). It offers demonstrably effective tools and best practices for managing risks and opportunities and is generic enough to be applied to virtually any business or organization.

What is AXELOS?

AXELOS is a joint venture company that manages several of the world’s most popular corporate frameworks. These include M_o_R, PRINCE2, AgileSHIFT, and MSP.

What do I need to know about the M_o_R exam?

The M_o_R Foundation exam is 60 minutes (one hour) long and consists of 75 questions. Five of these are trial questions, meaning that the total number of marks is 70. Candidates must score at least 35 marks (50%) in order to pass. The exam is closed-book. Passing the M_o_R Foundation exam is a prerequisite to sitting the Practitioner exam.

The M_o_R Practitioner exam is 180 minutes (three hours) long and consists of four objective test questions, each of which is worth 20 marks. Candidates must score at least 40 marks (50%) in order to pass. The exam is open-book (candidates may use an official hard copy of the ‘Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners’ guide, along with the ‘ABC Guide Part A Example Technique’ document. The manual can be annotated, but candidates will not be allowed to bring in sticky notes or loose-leaf papers.)

What other frameworks can complement M_o_R?

Management of Risk (M_o_R) is compatible with several other frameworks since its best practices can be applied widely throughout a business. Suitable frameworks include AgileSHIFT, ITIL4, PRINCE2, and PRINCE2 Agile.

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Candidates with an active role in risk management, such as Business Change Managers, Program and Project Managers, Risk Managers, Business, Project, and Program Support Staff, and Operational Staff/ Managers

  • Candidates in roles related to other frameworks, such as Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and PRINCE2

  • Any organization seeking a more effective and controlled approach to identifying, assessing, responding to, and controlling risks at operational, project, program, and strategic levels

  • Anyone looking to earn one of the most lucrative qualifications in the risk management career path

  • Anyone seeking to pass the M_o_R Prcatitioner examination on their first attempt

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • How to tailor and apply M_o_R in a practical scenario

  • How to apply M_o_R from any organizational perspective

  • Everything required to pass the M_o_R Practitioner certification exam

Why should you take this course?

  • M_o_R takes a comprehensive approach to risk management, addressing it from multiple perspectives and encouraging holistic awareness

  • The Management of Risk (M_o_R) Practitioner certification is highly valued across a number of different careers

  • Risk management is becoming increasingly essential for corporate management and governance, even outside of the risk manager specialization

  • Poor risk management practices can lead to significant wastage and delays, as well as damage to an organization’s reputation and relationships

  • This M_o_R Practitioner online training course offers a range of online training assets, including instructor-led videos, knowledge checks, and practice exams

  • M_o_R is compatible with several popular frameworks, such as MSP, AgilePgM, and PRINCE2

  • We offer each student 6 months access and a FREE exam voucher

  • This course is fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS

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