Separating Architecture Techniques From Those Of Other Disciplines

Published: June 14, 2016
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In this TOGAF white paper our very own Enterprise Architecture expert Roger Evernden discusses how to separate architecture techniques from other disciplines.

“In an earlier article I said that each profession has its unique way of doing things, and that when applying TOGAF® the key thing is to “think” like an architect!

The first step is to think holistically, and to do this you need to take into account the views and viewpoints of all stakeholders. But what other steps can you take to think as an architect?

TOGAF defines a view here as “the representation of a related set of concerns,” which is all very well, but what is the best way of creating this?

Again, the key point is to remember to think like an architect! And fortunately there are many things in the TOGAF documentation to help you. In this blog I’m going to give you a few more pointers to put you in the right direction.

Before I list some of the key things that will help you to think like an architect, I want to stress that TOGAF doesn’t really make a clear distinction between using architecture techniques, as opposed to using techniques from other management disciplines.”

Download your copy of this exclusive white paper to learn how separate architecture techniques from the techniques related to other disciplines can benefit both you and your organization.

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