How to Design an Optimized Enterprise Architecture in 5 Steps

Published: October 14, 2020
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With increased digitization comes increased complexity. Organizations that fail to grasp the modern requirements and necessities of transformation inevitably find themselves vulnerable to competitors and predators. Given the constant nature of change, the ability to adapt is essential for continued success and survival.

Despite the ongoing challenges and technical complexity of their role, enterprise architects must constantly keep outcomes in mind. Stakeholders are more likely to rely on experts than sweat over the little details themselves. EA specialists are tasked with providing results, which means demonstrating progress with measurable deliverables and impressive milestones.

EA frameworks such as TOGAF help users understand the structure of their organizations and how they compare to both industry standards and key competitors. They are designed with the digital age in mind, providing tools and methodologies to ensure architects can fully meet the demands of the ever-changing world of modern business.

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Design an EA in 5 Steps

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