Learning BPMN Poster 16 – Overcoming BPMN Phobia: It’s Not Too Complex!

Published: October 9, 2017
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About this Resource:

BPMN is a rich and detailed standard which enables us to visualize process models using a standard notation. Yet BPMN’s richness can cause challenges when working with a broad range of stakeholders. Some may see a ‘busy’ BPMN sub-model and shy away, thinking it is far too complex to read. If not handled well, this can lead to ‘BPMN-phobia’—where people disengage with BPMN and process modelling generally.

In this free BPMN learning resource, BPA expert Adrian Reed discusses this challenge, and suggests that if we keep our stakeholders front-and-center of our minds, we can keep them on board and create models that they will find useful and valuable.

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