Transformational Change Part 1: Customizing TOGAF for Integrated Government

Published: October 2, 2017
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About this Resource:

TOGAF emphasizes the need to tailor its documentation to meet the individual needs of each enterprise architecture project. Every enterprise and every project is unique, so it is impossible to provide a generic enterprise architecture framework that would work for everyone.

In this four-part article, Good e-Learning’s enterprise architecture expert Roger Evernden is going to discuss two inter-related things you need to consider as you tailor TOGAF®:

1 – How to tailor TOGAF to meet your needs?
2 – How to keep everyone up-to-date with the customized approach?

In part of 1 we take a look at how you go about tailoring TOGAF® to meet your needs. There is, of course, no single way to adapt TOGAF to your needs, so here are some observations drawn from government enterprise architecture projects.

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