The Relationship Between TOGAF and ArchiMate 3.0 – Part 1

Published: March 7, 2017
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Both TOGAF and ArchiMate come from the Open Group camp, but there has always been criticism that they do not work as well together as might be expected.

The new version of ArchiMate (release 3.0), which came out in June 2016 goes some way to rectify this complaint. But how far does the new release of ArchiMate go to complementing TOGAF?

What are the good points and limitations in the new release from the perspective of TOGAF students and practitioners? There are no absolute answers, but our two-part paper explores some of these concerns.

Part 1 provides an overview of the new release of ArchiMate and how it fits with TOGAF.

Download part 1 of this two-part TOGAF and ArchiMate paper by Good e-Learning’s enterprise architecture expert Roger Evernden and you’ll also get instant, unlimited access to our entire library of over 470+ learning resources!

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