Is Change Management Certification Worth the Cost?

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It is no secret that businesses need to be capable of changing with the times if they want to remain competitive. Still, it is surprisingly rare for organizations to actually manage change in a way that not only optimizes the benefits, but also minimizes disruption and opposition. There is even a long-standing misconception that change management simply involves explaining the details of transformation initiatives to those set to be affected by them.

In fact, change management can be just as expansive as project or IT management. When handled correctly, it covers planning, advocating, and facilitating change, as well as working alongside different departments and stakeholders to make sure they are fully on board.

More and more businesses are now starting to see the value of real change management. This is thanks in no small part to the startling rate of evolution for technology and communication we have seen over the last several years, to say nothing of what it has done to customer and client expectations. As a result, demand for certified and experienced change managers is at an all-time high.

Change Management is a framework created by the APMG alongside the Change Management Institute (CMI). It presents a syllabus that goes into comprehensive detail on how to manage transformation initiatives from start to finish in order to create as much value as possible for teams, businesses, and stakeholders. By earning a Change Management certification, a manager can also unlock more responsibilities and even higher-paying roles.

So, just how valuable can the Change Management framework be for experienced and prospective change managers? Let’s take a look at whether or not change management certification is really worth the cost!

What is Change Management?

The Change Management framework is based on the ‘Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)’. It offers a set of tools and best practices designed for advocating, steering, and successfully completing change management projects, along with insight built on decades of practical experience.

The framework puts a great deal of emphasis on the human element of change. After all, human beings are naturally resistant to change, especially in the workplace! Change Management students learn to take varying perspectives and requirements into account, ensuring that they can convince managers and stakeholders about the value of change in a way that makes sense to them. Change Management practitioners know the value of communication and working with others to accommodate their needs, reducing disruption caused by change while also gaining the necessary support to optimize the end results. They can even establish a permanent shift in workplace cultures to make them permanently receptive to future transformation initiatives.

With this in mind, studying Change Management offers an excellent route for prospective change managers, as well as experienced managers who simply desire a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. A Change Management qualification is also an excellent indication of an employee’s knowledge and abilities – one that can be recognized across multiple industries all over the world.

The Change Management Certification Path

If you are interested in studying the framework, you will be glad to know that the Change Management certification path is fairly straightforward:

  • APMG Change Management Foundation certification – This qualification revolves around the basics of change management, including the nature of the topic, creating strategies, the role of culture, planning, communication, and the importance of understanding individuals and stakeholders. Passing the Change Management Foundation certification exam qualifies a candidate to sit the Practitioner exam.
  • APMG Change Management Practitioner certification – This qualification looks at the practical application of the theory covered in the previous course. In passing the Change Management Practitioner certification exam, a student will prove their ability to apply the framework in practice and create tangible value for their organization.

How Valuable is Certification in Change Management?

Change management is undoubtedly becoming a far more valuable and relevant skill. The Change Management framework is also adaptive enough to suit virtually any organization a practitioner gives their services to.

Provided a candidate has an appropriate level of experience, Change Management certification can be highly rewarding. According to Payscale, a change manager’s salary can be anything between £29,000 and £72,000 a year in the UK. Meanwhile, change manager annual salaries in the USA range between $60,000 and $146,000.

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