How can Agile BA help your organization achieve success?

Hosted by: Antony della Porta
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What You Will Learn

  • To gain a better view of some of the core elements of the course

  • Understand how this course will provide you with a guiding framework in your current or new role as a BA

  • Understand some of the key topics that the course covers both holistically and from a project aspect

  • Get a practical understanding as to how Agile BA concepts has led to an organization to achieve its strategic objectives.

  • Be able to ask questions directly as to the course elements, how the course could help you in your career, and any other points you may want to clarify before embarking on the course

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Exclusive Free Webinar

Host: Antony della Porta
June 23, 2022 6:00 pm BST

Duration: 60 minutes