Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

Published: January 27, 2022
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When AXELOS announced ProPath, it provided a clear path for candidates to truly benefit from the world’s lead professional frameworks. Combining world-class names in project, program, and portfolio management, the certification scheme offers the tools and training to equip professionals to reach new heights in their careers.

Unlike many other professional qualification schemes, ProPath actually has three paths to explore:

  • ProPath Project Expert
  • ProPath Agile Project Expert
  • ProPath Program Leader
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There is also an overarching certification, ‘ProPath Certified Portfolio Director’.

Because of this, certain candidates may be unsure of exactly what to expect from pursuing ProPath certification. In this article, we’ll discuss the different paths available with ProPath, including the frameworks involved and the respective benefits of every option.

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What Frameworks Are Included in ProPath?

The ProPath certification scheme features a number of popular AXELOS frameworks:

  • PRINCE2 – The world’s most popular project management framework, PRINCE2 has been utilized by organizations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors. It takes a flexible approach that can be applied to any project and maintains a strong focus on strategic goals that makes it a hit with stakeholders. 
  • PRINCE2 Agile – This framework combines PRINCE2 with Agile, a highly adaptable management approach that offers greater speed, flexibility, and client satisfaction. Goals are established and pursued iteratively throughout a project, with frequent testing and stakeholder engagement ensuring that value-generating services are perfectly aligned with user requirements. PRINCE2 Agile is perfect for candidates working in Agile environments who want to take advantage of a management style that is growing in popularity every day. 
  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) – The MSP framework offers Principles, Processes, and Themes that equip organizations to plan, implement, and enjoy the full benefits of strategic programs. It also offers guidance for resource, risk, and stakeholder management, helping practitioners deliver results on time and with a sterling level of quality.
  • Management of Risk (M_o_R) – M_o_R is a risk management framework designed to embed effective risk management throughout an organization. Practitioners can take an objective approach to risk at operations, project, program, and strategic levels. This not only gives organizations the ability to foresee and prepare for risks but also allows them to recover from them as quickly as possible.
  • Management of Portfolios (MoP) – MoP equips candidates with principles, techniques, and practices to ensure that any projects or programs within an organization suit its strategic objectives. At the same time, the framework also helps optimize the results of such initiatives and is closely aligned with both PRINCE2 and MSP. When it comes to structured and effective corporate transformation, MoP is an excellent choice.
  • Portfolio, Programme, and Project Officers (P30) – The P30 framework helps practitioners create models for decision-enabling and delivery support structures. It is universally applicable, helping organizations facilitate decision-making, realize business outcomes, manage risks and resources, and more. 

What Are the ProPath Certification Schemes?

As we mentioned earlier, ProPath has several certification paths available. Please keep in mind that candidates must pass both Foundation and Practitioner exams for given frameworks in order to achieve a ProPath designation.

  • ProPath Project Expert – This path is intended for project management professionals. Combining MSP, PRINCE2, and M_o_R, it offers a holistic approach to project and program management. Successful practitioners can optimize benefits and minimize risks at different levels of any organization, planning, managing, and successfully delivering projects regardless of their size or complexity.
  • ProPath Agile Project Expert – This path incorporates the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile into project and program management. Candidates study PRINCE2 Agile, MSP, and M_o_R, allowing them to apply strategic and project governance even in Agile environments. This effectively gives them the best of both worlds: speed, adaptability, and stakeholder engagement, combined with strong strategic direction and a focus on creating value.
  • ProPath Programme Leader – This path is ideal for candidates working across multiple projects and programs. It includes P30, MoP, and MSP, equipping candidates with risk, portfolio, and program management skills to optimize an organization’s strategic direction, as well as the benefits of corporate transformation.
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What is ‘ProPath Certified Portfolio Director’?

When a candidate has successfully achieved either the Project Expert or Agile Project Expert titles, along with the Programme Leader title, they will be invited by AXELOS to apply for this. According to AXELOS, it represents “the ultimate designation in project, programme, and portfolio management.”

Being certified as a ProPath Portfolio Director makes a candidate’s qualifications instantly recognizable. The “industry-leading endorsement” prepares every practitioner to be “a key player for change” within their organization, able to “plan, direct, monitor, and correct the course of change.”

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Studying for ProPath Certification With Good e-Learning

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a diverse portfolio of fully accredited certification courses. Our team works with highly experienced subject matter experts to deliver learning experiences that not only get candidates certified but also equip them to begin applying their training in practice.

Each of our courses comes with a range of engaging online training assets, including gamified quizzes, instructor-led videos, and downloadable whitepapers. Our support team is fully qualified to answer questions on course content and can also provide candidates with FREE exam vouchers. If necessary, a candidate can also request a free resit via Exam Pledge.

Good e-Learning also specializes in corporate training. Our team can deliver training programs perfectly suited to the needs and goals of our clients. We can also customize our world-class LMS, the Learning Ecosystem, to suit specific organizations in terms of functions, branding, and more.

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