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PRINCE2 Key Topics: What can be tailored

Published: July 26, 2019
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Many elements of the PRINCE2 6th Edition method can be tailored. Consistent application of the principles and fulfillment of the minimum requirements must be consistent.

Processes can be combined or adapted, roles can be combined or split as long as accountability is maintained, and the content and format of management products can be adapted to suit the project and its environment.

Similarly, terminology can be modified to fit other standards or policies, but it needs to be applied consistently. Be careful when changing management product names – they still need to reflect the intended purpose as defined in PRINCE2.

It’s important to recognize that there is no ‘right’ way of tailoring PRINCE2 for a project, and effective tailoring requires skill, experience and judgement. As such, those in organizations with a high level of project management maturity are likely to find tailoring easier than those in a less mature environment.

Another important point to remember is that no PRINCE2 process or theme can be excluded. PRINCE2 is a web of related parts, and removing any of them on a project will reduce the likelihood of its success.

The project manager is responsible for identifying and documenting the tailoring solution for a project. The tailoring solution should be documented in the PID, so it can be reviewed and approved by the project board. Project assurance and project support will advise the project board and project manager about tailoring, and team managers can also provide insight on tailoring that could help them manage work packages more effectively.

In this course, we will provide guidance on tailoring for each process and theme to help you decide the appropriate level of tailoring on a project.


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