The Ultimate Guide to: ITIL

Published: August 21, 2019
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These days, it goes without saying that the worlds of business and technology are inextricably linked. In order to stay competitive, a company needs to be able to evolve both its corporate objectives and IT capabilities, no matter how painful or awkward this process may be. That’s where ITIL comes in.

Naturally, this kind of change cannot start with a blank canvas. The development of IT services should be driven by an awareness of current processes and management practices within an organization. Without this, an IT Service Management (ITSM) process will inevitably waste time, money and effort, giving competitors a chance to lure customers away with more efficient offerings.

ITIL is world’s most popular IT service management framework and has long set a global standard for maximizing the value of IT-powered services. The framework does far more than simply help users through individual projects. ITIL creates enduring cultures of continuous improvement that enable practitioners to keep boosting the value of their IT-powered services however and wherever possible.

Want to know the benefits of studying ITIL for you and your organization? What about the current path to becoming certified in ITIL? Learn everything you need to know in this handy guide from Good e-Learning.

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