Benefits of TOGAF: Executive Sponsor, Executive Management & Board Members

Published: January 6, 2017
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What are the Benefits From TOGAF® for Different Types of Stakeholder?

In this series of blogs we’re going to examine the benefits of the TOGAF to an organization. In doing this we need to consider the various stakeholders that have a stake in architectural changes. The value and benefits for each stakeholder will vary – depending on the nature of the changes, the role and concerns of the stakeholder, and their relationship to other stakeholders.

Executive Sponsor, Executive Management & Board Members

These people are all involved with making significant decisions about the current and future needs of the enterprise. Key responsibilities including identifying strategies, concerns, needs, requirements, problems, or other reasons for making changes to the enterprise; reviewing facts, data, opinions, recommendations, key performance indicators and other information that is pertinent to making a decision; making decisions.

Direct Benefits from Enterprise Architecture

  • Clear and explicit descriptions of the constraints and options inherent in current and future architecture states.
  • A clear outline of architectural options and roadmaps.
  • A detailed assessment of the potential costs, risks, and benefits of alternative architectural change options.

Direct Benefits from TOGAF®

  • Templates and other materials that can help establish an enterprise architecture in a shorter time frame.

Indirect Benefits enabled by applying EA or TOGAF®

  • More effective change programs.
  • Reduced enterprise complexity.
  • Better returns on investment and resources.
  • More efficient and effective management, business and IT.

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