Preparing for the AgileBA exams certification Agile business analyst

Preparing For the Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Exams

Published: April 30, 2021
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The role of a business analyst is to highlight areas for improvement in projects, programs, and day-to-day operations. With their comprehensive knowledge of an organization’s processes and strategies, they also suggest and facilitate improvements that will help the organization generate value and achieve its goals. 

There is also a significant collaborative element to business analysts. More often than not, they will not take a strictly managerial role and will instead work as team members, giving colleagues greater clarity and perspective while also acting as liaisons to executives and stakeholders.

These days, it is becoming more important for career business analysts to be comfortable working in Agile environments. Agile program and project management is becoming far more widespread, and while these approaches differ in many respects from traditional or ‘waterfall’ management, more big businesses are starting to appreciate the benefits regardless of the risks. 

With their ability to keep businesses, stakeholders, and teams on track, business analysts can help organizations enjoy the advantages of Agile while simultaneously alleviating many of the downsides. However, while business analysts have always been ‘agile’ to a degree, it can be extremely risky to try and guide Agile teams without understanding the characteristics of the approach.

When searching for Agile business analyst exams and qualifications, AgileBA is an excellent choice. It was created by APMG International, a globally renowned accreditation and exam institute, and is based on the Agile Business Analysis Handbook from the Agile Business Consortium. This pedigree drove the creation of demonstrably effective insight and best practices for thriving in Agile environments. AgileBA practitioners are fully equipped to succeed in Agile projects and programs, and can even play a role in helping businesses transition to Agile ways of working by optimizing the process and helping to justify it to stakeholders.

In this article, we will look at how to become certified in AgileBA, as well as what you can expect from the AgileBA exams.

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What do the AgileBA exams cover?

  • AgileBA Foundation – This looks at the role of an Agile business analyst. It outlines the Principles, Roles, and Management Products of the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) on which the framework is based (and which has a significant influence on Agile management in general). The syllabus also looks at elements such as the Agile Business Case and the role of stakeholders, along with requirements planning/ estimating and transition management. Several tools and practices are outlined, such as facilitated workshops, prioritization, timeboxing, iterative development, and practice modeling. All of this is key to understanding AgileBA’s way of doing things and will help business analysts optimize the value of Agile projects
  • AgileBA Practitioner – This exam is about taking the content of the AgileBA Foundation syllabus and applying it in practice. It focuses on applying the tools and best practices in real-world scenarios. To help with this, the Practitioner syllabus itself uses several case studies

The AgileBA exams – frequently asked questions

How do I qualify for the AgileBA exams?

Before studying for your Agile Business Analyst certification, it will be worth familiarizing yourself with the AgileBA certification path.

To start with, there are no prerequisites for sitting the AgileBA Foundation certification exam. Passing this exam is, however, required to sit the AgileBA Practitioner exam and earn your complete Agile Business Analyst qualification.

What is APMG International?

APMG International is an examination institute and accrediting body that oversees a number of well-known qualifications, including:

  • Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA)
  • Change Management
  • Agile Project Management (AgilePM)
  • Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM)

What is the Agile Business Handbook?

The Agile Business Analysis (AgileBA) Handbook is a comprehensive guide to how business analysts can operate in Agile environments. Written by Dot Tudor, it offers practical and demonstrably effective advice relating to individual projects, as well as wider organizational strategies and business development targets.

While it is presented within the framework of the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), it also covers generic Agile techniques that can be adapted to suit a business analyst’s role.

How long does it take to study for the AgileBA exams?

How long it takes to study for the AgileBA exams really depends on the individual student.

Good e-Learning’s AgileBA certification courses each come with a certain number of hours’ worth of materials. However, students have several months to access these courses and can spread their study time out as necessary.

  • The Good e-Learning Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Foundation course offers around 16 hours’ worth of materials and has an access period of six months.
  • The Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Practitioner course offers around 16 hours’ worth of materials and has an access period of six months.
  • The combined Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Foundation and Practitioner course has 30 hours’ worth of materials and has an access period of 12 months.

How difficult are the AgileBA exams?

While the AgileBA exams are not necessarily difficult, students are advised to spend an appropriate amount of time studying the syllabus for each certification level. Good e-Learning’s courses come with several knowledge checks and practice exam simulators to help students test their understanding and prepare for the certification exams.

Remember, each AgileBA course from Good e-Learning comes with at least six months of course access. There is no reason to rush things when preparing for an exam. The courses can also be accessed via mobile and tablet devices, making it easy to study anytime and anywhere.

How do I prepare for the AgileBA exams?

To prepare for the AgileBA certification exams, you will need to spend an appropriate amount of time going through the syllabus and training materials provided with each course. These include several knowledge checks and instructor-led videos, as well as reading lists of additional materials. The courses also come with practice exams that you can use to familiarize yourself with the testing conditions.

You should also keep in mind that Agile business analysis is quite a popular topic at the moment. There is no shortage of expert business analysts (many of whom will have an AgileBA qualification) with a presence on websites such as Quora. These sites cover many of the most common questions related to AgileBA and business analysis in general and can help you study how to utilize the framework in real-world scenarios.

Remember, the Good e-Learning support team is also fully qualified to answer questions related to AgileBA. You can also contact the support team when you are ready to sit an exam in order to request your FREE exam voucher.

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What do I need to know about the AgileBA Foundation exam?

  • The exam is closed book. This means that only the materials provided can be used
  • Candidates have 40 minutes to finish the exam
  • The exam consists of 50 questions, all multiple-choice
  • Students must score at least 25 out of 50 questions (50%) to pass

What do I need to know about the AgileBA Practitioner exam?

  • The exam is open-book, but only the AgileBA Handbook can be used
  • Candidates have 150 minutes (2.5 hours) to complete the exam
  • The exam consists of four complex multiple-choice questions
  • Each question is worth 20 marks
  • Students must score at least 40 marks out of 80 (50%) to pass

Why study for the AgileBA exams with Good e-Learning?

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a diverse portfolio of fully certified online training courses. Each of our courses was developed with help from leading subject matter experts and is designed to not only help students become certified but also to gain a working understanding of how to apply their training in practice.

Our courses come with a variety of online training resources, including instructor-led videos, knowledge checks, practice exam simulators, and more. The Good e-Learning support team is also fully qualified to answer questions on AgileBA and can provide access to FREE vouchers for students who are ready to attempt an exam. Candidates can also enjoy free resits via Exam Pledge.

Want to find out more? Visit the Good e-Learning website, or contact a member of our team today!