Mark Peters
Mark Peters
Dr. Mark Peters works for BrainGu as Product Manger helping to run a System Coordination Teamfor an Air Force cyber program in San Antonio, TX.Over the past 3 years, he has worked on multiple programs conducting DevOps transformation, including bringing a security team to their highest level of success with four deliveries and closing 1200 security vulnerabilities.A self-expressed DevOps junkie, his value-stream focuses on integrating teams and automating them away from value-wasting repetition. A cybersecurity expert, he had a full USAF career and now holds multiple industry certifications including a CISSP. He authored "Cashing in on Cyberpower" analyzing a decade of cyber-attacks from an economic perspective. In his spare time, he reads, thinks, writes, and then (usually) speaks and holds a Judo black belt. As a DevOps Institute ambassador, and US Chapter Chair, he enjoys working with individuals across the globe on unique solutions to integrate cybersecurity.

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