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What Are the Best Books for PRINCE2?

Published: July 8, 2022
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When it comes to studying project management, it never really ‘ends’. Whether as a student or an active project manager, it is important to always be on the lookout for new insight and ideas. This also applies to project management frameworks like PRINCE2, as their best practices are often updated to reflect the changing characteristics and requirements of business.

The truth about successful PRINCE2 project managers is that they are always learning. There are a number of PRINCE2 webinars, books, and other resources to take advantage of. This can be for reaffirming a candidate’s understanding of the framework or simply to help new users prepare for their certification exams. Taking the time to examine these resources can help candidates uncover new areas of interest, build their understanding of niche subjects, or even reveal new topics worth studying.

Regarding preparing for the PRINCE2 certification exams, it is important to utilize accredited material. That is, you should ensure you have a syllabus from an accredited and approved course, as this will ensure you have access to the materials required to pass the exam. Beyond this, however, there are numerous PRINCE2 resources that can help candidates pass the exam, settle into new positions, or improve as project managers in general.

Before we get started, keep in mind that PRINCE2 books can go out of date. The framework has been around since 1996 and was just updated again in 2017. With this in mind, candidates must remember to check which version of PRINCE2 a resource actually deals with. Outdated books can still be useful but should not form the foundation of exam preparation!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best books for studying PRINCE2!


AXELOS is the organization that manages and updates PRINCE2, along with a number of other frameworks such as ITIL 4. Part of what has made PRINCE2 successful is AXELOS’ holistic understanding of how business is developing in terms of changing management preferences and new ways of working. 

This was reflected in the creation of ‘PRINCE2 Agile’. This framework was designed to combine PRINCE2 with Agile ways of working, expanding the capabilities of practitioners while also upskilling them in increasingly popular management practices. More accurately, PRINCE2 Agile demonstrates how to utilize PRINCE2 within Agile environments. The syllabus also explains the rationale behind combining the two before going into detail on how to blend and adapt them to suit specific projects and companies.

It is important to understand the inherent adaptability of PRINCE2. Even the respective importance of each Theme is dependent on the project in question. Agile takes this adaptability to a new level, granting even greater flexibility and enabling practitioners to mesh more easily with different company and project structures.

The PRINCE2 Agile book by AXELOS is a great place to start if you are interested in the combined framework. You may also want to check out a free trial for an accredited PRINCE2 Agile certification course.

PRINCE2 For Dummies – Nick Graham

This book offers a clear step-by-step guide to PRINCE2 projects. It covers how to plan projects, create and specify job roles, bring a project to its conclusion, and more. This is complemented by a clear writing style and practical advice that make the book a handy reference for both PRINCE2 students and practitioners.

The author, Nick Graham, has built up his project management expertise across a variety of organizations. He is the Founder and Director of Inspirandum Ltd, as well as a member of the Association for Project Management and of the Institute of Directors.

PRINCE2 Certification For Beginners – Bryan Mathis

‘PRINCE2 For Beginners’ is designed for self-study. It outlines the basic logic behind PRINCE2, giving candidates a strong foundational understanding that will serve them extremely well. Indeed, the book even comes with numerous practice exam questions to help candidates prepare for their PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam.

Byan Mathis himself is a highly experienced project manager. He is familiar with both traditional and Agile-based approaches, as well as projects that deal with both products and services.

PRINCE2 a Practical Handbook – Colin Bentley

This book offers a great deal of practical guidance on key elements of PRINCE2, including the role of Risks, Quality, and Initiation, as well as how to close projects. It is a valuable add-on for candidates who have recently become certified in PRINCE2.

What makes this book unique is the wealth of practical experience it is based on. The author, Colin Bentley, is a former Chief Examiner for PRINCE2 and has written a multitude of books on the methodology. This particular resource is also updated fairly regularly in light of changes to the framework.

PRINCE2 Study GuideDavid Hinde

This book is a well-trusted resource for PRINCE2 students preparing for their certification exams. It is designed with the exams in mind and features a number of mock questions, along with access to additional software and even real-world examples. It also offers practical advice to help candidates transition between syllabus training and practical application.

The author, David Hinde, has applied PRINCE2 on a huge scale for organizations that include Deloitte, the UK Government, and the BBC. He also has extensive experience as a PRINCE2 trainer, having helped thousands of students pass their exams.

PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide – Frank Turley

This book is ideal for candidates studying for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. The advice does not go too far beyond the exam itself and should mainly be utilized as supplementary material. However, for those looking to maximize their chances of passing, this book can be a major asset. 

The author, Frank Turley, is a highly experienced trainer and coach for PRINCE2, having helped thousands of professionals get certified.

Studying PRINCE2 

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