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What Is the ‘TOGAF Credentials Program’?

Published: August 15, 2018
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One of the key changes to the TOGAF® Standard in April 2018 was the decision to move the reference models out of the normative ‘core’ and into the TOGAF Library. This strategic restructuring has given the TOGAF Library a much higher profile, and now allows the development work on both the core and specific implementation techniques to progress separately and on their own timelines.

The Technical Reference Model (TRM) and the Integrated Information Infrastructure Model (III-RM) now form the foundation of the TOGAF Library’s “Series Guides”. These will complement the core standard, and offer guidance in specific TOGAF implementation contexts.

What is the TOGAF® Credentials Program?

Accompanying this restructuring is the TOGAF® Credentials Program. Also introduced by The Open Group in April 2018, the credentials program is a much more lightweight approach to allowing practitioners to demonstrate detailed knowledge of specific areas, and to support a higher certification to recognize extended knowledge of elements of the TOGAF ecosystem.

Successfully obtaining a credential earns you a digital badge from The Open Group, which can be displayed in locations such as your LinkedIn profile, or email signature. The badge features a link to material itemising the actions necessary to earn it, and demonstrates to your peers your accomplishments.

Part of the vision of the credentials program is to ultimately support a multi-tier certification program, perhaps addressing practical experience.

Principles driving the credentials program include building on, exploiting, and protecting the value of TOGAF Certification, and to maximize the contribution of all TOGAF Stakeholders.

Supporting the strategic restructuring of the TOGAF Standard in Version 9.2, the credentials program will be rolled-out incrementally. Different components can be introduced individually and progressively, always with an awareness of the vision.

TOGAF ESSENTIALS 2018. Updating you from 9.1 to 9.2 Certified

Phase one of the credentials program, commencing with the topic, ‘TOGAF Essentials 2018’, will be associated with the knowledge of elements in the extended TOGAF ecosystem. Demonstrating practical experience of applying TOGAF components will comprise Phase 2.

TOGAF Essentials 2018A knowledge-based credential comprises the equivalent to roughly half-a-day of learning, and covers a specific topic area. To introduce a topic as a potential credential requires a defined set of learning outcomes, a minimum level of assessment, and a formal company review. Each credential is assigned a value based on both the breadth of learning outcomes and the likely duration of the training. Note, credentials may have an expiry date.

The first credential to be released is ‘TOGAF Essentials 2018’. Successfully taking this training and passing the assessment will allow practitioners to demonstrate to their peers and wider community that their TOGAF knowledge is full up-to-date with the updates introduced in April 2018.

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