Team Building with Online Training

Team Building with Online Training

Published: March 28, 2022
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When it comes to managing a business, building team dynamics is absolutely essential. Taking the time to encourage a healthy working relationship between colleagues can greatly enhance collaboration and transparency, often helping teams accomplish goals with increased reliability.

However, with these dynamics often depending on the environment colleagues work in, it’s safe to say that managers have had to rethink things over the last few years. Teams may have gotten used to new forms of scheduling and communication for the sake of business continuity, but with many professionals having gone months or even years without seeing coworkers face to face, it can be difficult for managers to maintain working relationships, let alone build on them.

In other words, team building needs to evolve! But what methods can managers lean on when dealing with teams in hybrid or remote environments? How can they enhance transparency and teamwork to get the most out of their staff?

One potential solution is to invest in online training. This can be a valuable, engaging, and efficient way to upskill staff, and there are also several ways in which it can also contribute to team dynamics.

In this article, we look at why and how online training can enhance team building.

Shared Expertise

One of the advantages of having multiple team members study a single framework, topic, or approach is that it leads to them building a shared understanding of the subject matter and how to utilize it in practice. This can be extremely valuable when it comes to distinct terminology and processes, as candidates will be better able to communicate and facilitate their work without having to explain anything to colleagues.

In other words, investing in online training can help to lay a stronger foundation for teamwork. This, in turn, can greatly facilitate a team’s working relationships.

Helping Colleagues Succeed

When several team members are all involved in the same course, it presents an opportunity to utilize and build on teamwork skills. Candidates can help each other achieve training goals, and more successful staff can even help those who are struggling. This is particularly true when studying the same topic or framework, as the team dynamic built at the training stage will translate over when teams begin applying their new skills in practice.

Many online courses lend themselves well to this idea with group-oriented activities or even LMS features like public scoreboards and group messaging. Providers like Good e-Learning also take a proactive approach by offering dynamic performance metrics for teams and individuals, letting managers know when team members require additional support. 

It’s worth noting that this teamwork and encouragement can also greatly enhance the likelihood of candidates completing their training. In a world that is quickly evolving and valuing new niche skills, this can make online training a prime consideration for managers and strategic decision-makers.

Minimizing Pressure

The key purpose of training is to upskill employees to perform roles without requiring as much support. This can ease the pressure on the rest of their team, particularly senior colleagues with more pressing concerns. 

Training can also make senior-junior team dynamics far more constructive. For one, it allows juniors to learn the basics without having to bother senior colleagues. Staff who are more familiar with the learning content can also frame it in the context of a specific workplace or project, reinforcing the training and helping with knowledge retention. 

By taking pressure off senior colleagues and offering a faster route to getting newer staff up to scratch, online training can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a team.

Mental Health

Over the course of Lockdown, many managers have placed a greater level of importance on communication. In a situation where team members may only see each other once a day, or even once every few days, establishing a new incentive to communicate with colleagues can help keep working relationships and morale healthy.

Online training can be an excellent vehicle for this, especially when team members are motivated to help each other succeed. Managers can also schedule regular catchup and review sessions to discuss progress and may even want to offer one-on-one discussions when necessary. 


One of the most significant benefits of corporate training is that it demonstrates to employees that they are valued. Training paths help reaffirm career advancement paths and convince talented team members not to depart for opportunities elsewhere. When it comes to members of staff that have become critical to team dynamics, operations, and goals, offering these kinds of opportunities can be essential.

Luckily, there is a great deal of data available on the opportunities created by getting certified in frameworks like PRINCE2 or ITIL 4. Information from websites like PayScale can also help managers convey the value of the training on offer, giving candidates far more tangible incentives to stay on. Perhaps most importantly, it also gives members of staff their own stake in the ongoing success of the company itself.

Team Training With Good e-Learning

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online provider with a diverse portfolio of fully accredited certification courses. We offer world-class training to both teams and individuals, combining certification training with unique practical insight from subject matter experts. This leaves candidates fully prepared to pass their exams and begin applying the training in their own roles.

Each of our courses comes with a variety of online and blended training resources, including instructor-led videos, regular knowledge checks, and downloadable whitepapers. Our support team aims to answer inquiries in 24 hours or less and can offer FREE certification vouchers and resits for candidates. Finally, thanks to the free Go.Learn app, candidates can return to a course any time, anywhere, and from any web-enabled device.

Good e-Learning also specializes in team and corporate training. We can customize our award-winning LMS, the Learning Ecosystem, to suit the requirements and training goals of any organization. The platform also offers dynamic reporting on teams and individuals, enabling our internal team to proactively offer aid to those who need it. Every client also receives a direct point of contact with Good e-Learning to discuss training programs even as they scale and evolve.

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