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Social Media Basics for B2C Lead Generation

Published: April 10, 2017
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Social media users are active online because they’re looking to connect with other people (and brands) that they feel warm towards. And one of those brands could be yours. The following ideas will help you reach your audience and stimulate that warm feeling.

1: Research

Getting to know your audience can be tricky because transactions can be short and with very little feedback. Their voice is likely to come from their wallet.

Start listening to your prospects / customers by monitoring the social media channels where your consumers are most active in order to get a sense of what they are saying about you’re your product / service or industry as a whole.

Also make an effort to get involved in your prospects’ / customers’ social media conversations by picking some keywords that are relevant to your brand and keeping track of the instances where they’re mentioned. When you see the right opportunity introduce your brand.

2: Translate and Create

Figure out where and how your prospects / customers prefer to consume digital information e.g. blogs, subscribing to email newsletters or following Facebook pages.

Create the most valuable content that you can put together. Think about what can you offer that would be the most useful to you prospect / customer. What you should really aim for is to be listened to. Creating and sharing content that is entertaining, relevant and concise will help you achieve this.

Don’t forget to include a strong call-to-action when creating your content. For example, use a signup form that asks for the prospect’s / customer’s name and contact information.

Content ideas:

  • Videos (especially live videos) are particularly popular at the moment
  • Monitor industry / news sites and post timely updates that would interest your audience.
  • Hold contests, giveaways, or polls. Keep your questions smart (or intriguing) to really get people to answer

3: Publish

People have very short attentions spans, particularly on the internet where they are constantly bombarded with images to distract them from the task they are trying to complete.

The platform where you publish content largely depends on where your audience s most active. If your customers like to follow Facebook pages then, you’ll obviously want to communicate through Facebook posts.

Publish content regularly so that your audience doesn’t forget about you.

4: Evaluate

Gathering and generating statistics is one thing. Being able to interpret them is another.

Keep an eye on who is viewing your content by using the insights tools that social media platforms provide.

Another method of evaluation might be to measure actual feedback from your readers such as the number of new account enquiries you have coming through your website or how many of your blog posts generate comments.

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