Preparing for the Change Management Exams

Preparing for the Change Management Exams

Published: November 29, 2021
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For businesses to keep evolving, structured change is crucial. This allows organizations to update their capabilities in order to meet new requirements. However, this causes an issue when the change brings disruption. Not all transformation initiatives are painless, even when it comes to reactions from inside the company in question. 

Planning and managing this process is known as ‘change management’. In recent years, it has grown significantly as a specialization and has even become relevant to those in other areas of business, such as project and program management, business analysis, operational line management, and so on.

‘Change Management’ is also a world-class APMG framework designed around planning, implementing, and managing change with a flexible yet holistic approach. It can be applied to any organization to ensure changes deliver fully optimized benefits at all levels. It also establishes corporate cultures that are prepared to quickly take advantage of new opportunities for change as they appear, putting them ahead of the competition.

If a candidate wants to verify their capabilities as a change manager, one of the first steps is passing the Change Management exams! With that in mind, here are our top tips for passing the APMG Change Management certification exams and becoming a fully qualified change manager.

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Change Management Foundation

The Change Management Foundation syllabus defines change management as a process with different stages. It also examines the drivers for change, as well as different roles involved in transformation, how to deal with different groups within an organization, and more.

The modules include:

  • An Introduction to this Change Management Foundation Course
  • Module 1: What is Change Management?
  • Module 2: Identifying Change 1: Strategy & Drivers
  • Module 3: Identifying Change 2: Culture Roles & Vision
  • Module 4: Plan the Change
  • Module 5: Change & the Individual
  • Module 6: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Module 7: Communication

Change Management Practitioner

This exam revisits the elements covered in the Change Management Foundation syllabus. However, it also focuses on how to utilize and adapt the framework in practice rather than following a strict methodology. 

The exam itself is focused on application. Not only are candidates asked to apply their knowledge using a case study, but they are also allowed to use the CM Handbook itself.

Tips for passing the Change Management exams

Study multiple scenarios

While the Foundation qualification is attached to a more traditional exam, the Practitioner exam is all about practical application. Because of that, in addition to studying the Change Management syllabus, you should also take time to review different scenarios and case studies for change management programs and consider how the framework could be adapted to suit them.

Remember, ‘change management’ is relevant to organizations of vastly different sizes and types. There is no one way to do it! Rather than following set instructions on how to do change management, the syllabus is about teaching candidates how to be change managers.

Your Change Management Practitioner course should come with at least one example scenario for use in different modules. You should also be able to find other examples online.

Review training materials

It should go without saying that you will want to spend some time revising before taking a certification exam! When it comes to Change Management, you will need enough time and space to review the course materials. Being a successful candidate isn’t about just memorizing everything on your first read-through.

If you are using an accredited Change Management course, you should have several months to access training materials. Providers like Good e-Learning also offer knowledge checks and practice exams, as well as recorded classroom sessions, webinars, and so on.

There is no need to feel any pressure if you still have time to study and book your exams. Make sure that you fully understand the materials and remember the key points, and you will have a much better chance of passing on your first attempt.

Practice papers

When it comes to the Change Management exams, your ability to convey and communicate information will be just as important as remembering it. That’s why it’s important to get used to the exam conditions beforehand! Most accredited Change Management courses will come with practice papers to help with this. 

Remember, there is no rule saying you can only take a sample paper once if you want more practice. This will help you develop your technique for the real exam. Checking an answer sheet and asking for instructor feedback can also help you hone your approach and highlight areas you may want to focus your studies on.

Ask questions

If you are unsure about any part of the exam or syllabus, it will be important for you to make use of the different resources available to you. Providers like Good e-Learning have support teams and instructors ready to offer advice, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

It may also be worth looking into the wider Change Management community. You will find a variety of forums and other groups online, as well as specialists on websites like Quora who are happy to provide insight.


How difficult are the APMG Change Management exams?

The Change Management exams require solid preparation via an accredited course. However, they are not necessarily difficult, provided a candidate has put in the time to fully understand the syllabus and how to apply the framework in practice.

How do I qualify for the Change Management exams?

There are no prerequisites for sitting the Change Management Foundation certification exam. However, passing this exam is a prerequisite for taking the Change Management Practitioner exam.

Who runs the Change Management exams?

The APMG Change Management exams are run by PeopleCert.

How do I prepare for the Change Management exams?

The best way to prepare for the exams is to study the APMG Change Management syllabus via a fully accredited course. The steps provided above can also help you get ready.

How do I take the Change Management exams?

The Change Management exams can be taken online via a service provided by PeopleCert. Before doing so, students are advised to ensure they can meet the technical requirements via this online test.

Why study for the Change Management exams with Good e-Learning?

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a diverse portfolio of fully accredited courses. We cover some of the biggest domains in business and IT, including change management, project management, ITSM, and more!

Each of our courses is designed with certification and retention in mind. We work with highly experienced subject matter experts to be able to deliver unique insight that candidates can utilize even after passing their exams. The courses themselves also come with a variety of engaging training assets, including instructor-led videos, gamified quizzes, and free webinars.

The Good e-Learning support team is fully qualified to help you pass your exams. They can answer any questions on syllabus contents and can even provide free exam vouchers. Candidates can also enjoy free resits via Exam Pledge.

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Want to find out more? Visit the Good e-Learning website today or contact a member of our team today!

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