Preparing for the Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) Exams

Preparing for the Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) Exams

Published: September 16, 2021
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Agile has quickly become the business world’s go-to approach to management in general. Agile’s key innovations – iterative targets, employee empowerment, and adaptability – have been found to produce value for businesses in every industry. With the launch of Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM), companies are now enjoying the benefits of Agile in large-scale strategic initiatives and are hungry for Agile-literate program managers.

If you want to become a qualified AgilePgM practitioner, you’ll first need to pass the AgilePgM Foundation exam. We’ve prepared 7 top tips to make sure you enter the exams ready to pass and with a good understanding of AgilePgM.

1. Go through course materials carefully

The first step to being ready for any exam is to make sure you know the course materials thoroughly.

If you’ve purchased and passed an AgilePgM course from Good e-Learning, you should have confidence in your AgilePgM knowledge. But if you still feel there are gaps in your learning, you can go through the course again or speak with one of our specialists.

Our courses include knowledge checks at the end of each module. If you find you’re

struggling to pass these – or are relying completely on memory to force your way through each one – it’s worth revisiting the module to make sure you fully understand the core concepts being introduced.

2. Give yourself enough time to study

Exactly how much time you’ll need to feel ready to pass your exam varies from individual to individual.

Our AgilePgM course contains 16+ hours of material and comes with expert-led videos and interactive quizzes that will test and consolidate your knowledge. We recommend you take as much time as you need to become fully comfortable with each module before moving on.

Every course from Good e-Learning comes with at least six months of course access, so there’s no need to rush your studies. You can access our courses via mobile and tablet devices, and the study materials can be downloaded and taken offline, making it easy to study anytime and anywhere.

3. Go beyond the course modules 

If you want to score top marks, it is worth doing additional research. All of Good e-Learning’s courses end with a reading list, with links and signposts to additional resources.

There is also a treasure trove of AgilePgM content available online, so it’s worth have a scan through blogs, podcasts, videos, and articles to consolidate your knowledge. There are many threads and forums dedicated to questions about the AgilePgM exam, and these are a great place to pre-emptively answer questions you might have or ask your own questions if there’s something you’re unsure of.

4. Do practice exam papers

In addition to the sample papers provided with our courses, it is worth perusing the web for other practice exams you can take before the real thing.

Practise exams are an excellent way of familiarising yourself with the format, layout, and time controls of the actual exam, which can help you relax and proceed with confidence. They’re also an excellent way of consolidating your training and revealing any knowledge gaps that are holding you back.

After going through a practice exam, take the time to go over the questions you got wrong, then go back and review those subject areas before retaking the sample paper. A few iterations of this exercise and you’ll soon see your exam scores climbing.

If you’ve purchased one of our courses, then you’ll have the Good e-Learning support team on hand to help you with any problems you’re having with the course content. You can ask our specialists to talk you through areas of difficulty, and we can also provide feedback on your answers to the sample questions.

Practice exams are also an excellent way of improving your time management skills, as you’ll quickly get a feel for how long you ought to spend on each question.

On that note:

5. Manage your time

Time management is key to making sure you use your examination time effectively.

The AgilePgM Foundation exam is 40 minutes long, with 50 questions and a pass mark of 50%.

As a general guide, you should spend a few minutes at the beginning of the exam looking over the questions and determining how much time you should allocate to each one. The most important thing is to have a schedule so you don’t end up giving yourself too little time to think through the final questions.

6. Check your equipment

It’s worth double-checking that your desktop or laptop meets the technical requirements to take the exam – not least for peace of mind when going into it.

Use ProctorU’s online test to troubleshoot your webcam, microphone, and internet connection. ProctorU invigilates the AgilePgM exams, so passing this test should mean you’ll have no technical trouble during the actual examination.

7. Review, tab, and annotate your Agile Programme Management Handbook

The Agile Business Consortium produces a handbook to support AgilePgM studies. It concentrates on the AgilePgM essentials and serves as a concise map of the core knowledge required to pass your exam.

We recommend you thoroughly read, annotate, and tab important sections in the handbook, making sure to revisit areas you find unclear.

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Other FAQs

Is the AgilePgM exam difficult?

If you’ve followed the steps above, you should have no difficulty passing the AgilePgM exam. Going through the practice papers provided with our course should give you a good idea of whether you are ready.

How do I qualify for the AgilePgM exams?

There are no prerequisites for sitting the AgilePgM Foundation exam.

Who runs the AgilePgM exam?

APMG International manages AgilePgM certification. APMG is an accrediting body that oversees many well-known qualifications, including:

  • Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA)
  • Change Management
  • Agile Project Management (AgilePM)
  • Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM)

Why study for the AgilePgM exams with Good e-Learning?

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a comprehensive suite of fully certified online training courses. Each of our courses is developed with guidance from leading subject matter experts. We help students become certified and gain a working understanding of how to apply their training in practice.

Our courses come with various online training resources, including expert-led videos, interactive knowledge checks, practice exam simulators, and more. The Good e-Learning support team is also fully qualified to answer questions on AgilePgM and can provide access to FREE vouchers for students who are ready to attempt an exam. Candidates also enjoy free resits via Exam Pledge.

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