Learning Hacks to Help You Study Smart

Learning Hacks to Help You Study Smart

Published: July 18, 2017
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Learning Hacks to Help You Study Smart

Are you looking for a more effective way to study for your next course? Studying is all about retaining information, understanding it and learning how to apply it to the subject area. But it can feel rather overwhelming when faced with an enormous amount of material to learn and remember. However, there are several great study hacks to make learning much easier. And perhaps even more fun too. More importantly, they offer simple techniques to help you maximise your time and hopefully succeed in your courses. Here are a few study hacks to try at your next study session.


It’s now well known that exercise stimulates the brain. Even just 20 minutes of exercise can boost your brain, according to research by the University of Illinois. When you exercise, it stimulates nerve cells, strengthening the interconnections and preventing cell damage. The cells also release proteins which trigger chemicals that benefit cognitive functions like learning. So, before your next study session or exam, go for a brisk 20-minute walk. This will help get your blood pumping, and your brain switched on.

Read the Information Out Loud to Yourself:

There is research that shows that reading information out loud can help you to remember it much more effectively. So, instead of just trying to memorise your study material, say the key bits out loud to yourself. It might feel a little strange initially, but it can boost your memory recall by a staggering 100%.

Break Time:

Taking breaks is crucial to effective studying. But you have to use breaks in the right way. For example, don’t use your break to surf the Internet. It can become too easy to find you’ve completely lost track of time. Be strict with yourself and keep breaks regular and short. Spend 20 minutes stretching your legs while mentally reviewing what you learned in the study session. Once your 20 minutes is finished, get back to it and work for another hour. Continue this pattern until you feel you’ve done enough.

Chew a New Flavour of Gum:

An unusual tip but possibly one of the most effective. When studying a subject that involves a lot of information, chews an unusual gum flavour. Smell and taste can become profound simulators of memory. So, find a flavour you wouldn’t normally choose.  When you are ready to do your test or assessment, have a stick of the same gum. You’ll find that the flavour and smell will help to jog your memory.

Finding an Area Particularly Difficult?

Sleep experts say that you should study the more challenging material just before you go to bed. They claim it makes it much easier to remember in the morning.

Whatever tricks you try, you cannot escape the fact that effective studying means time and hard work. But by combining good preparation with these hacks, you’ll be surprised at what you can remember at exam time.

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