E-Learning and What It Can Mean to You

Published: January 7, 2021
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The benefits of online learning for businesses range from making training cost-effective to having it far more easily accessible. Organizations benefit from having teams who are up to date with best practices and methodologies that keep them pushing ahead in a competitive market. Still, it’s worth highlighting that as beneficial as e-learning can seem to businesses and managers, it can also bring several great advantages to individual employees. 

Over the last ten months, many people took advantage of their time at home on personal pursuits, while others focused on their professional ambitions by taking advantage of online learning opportunities. Online training offers a proven method for learning more about a role, as well as how to perform tasks more effectively. E-learning is also a flexible and accessible solution for learners, as they can fit training around their own schedules, whether they are accessing courses at home, at work, or during their daily commute.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of online training and the difference they can make to the individual learner.

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Online training gives people the opportunity to learn when they want, where they want, rather than being tied to the restrictions of traditional classes with rigid schedules. This is essential for studying while working full time because learners can arrange training around their jobs and other commitments. 

Flexibility also allows for employees to work at their own pace, rather than adhering to in-class courses that assume everyone learns at the same speed. This alleviates the pressure of absorbing key concepts and information at the same rate as others. With e-learning, if the learner feels they haven’t fully grasped a section in their course, they can go back and review it as much as they need to. 

Comfortable environment

Many people feel intimidated in a classroom environment. They may feel awkward speaking up in class or fear saying what they think will be the “wrong” thing. This can be an all-encompassing feeling which can have a serious effect on someone’s learning ability and can lead to disappointing results for the learner who knows they could have done better. 

It’s important to feel confident while studying, which is an aspect that online learning provides. The best e-learning providers test students’ knowledge as they progress through the course and gauge where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Many training providers also offer remote support for course content as well as technical queries, so students always have someone to ask for help if they are struggling.

Upskilling for the future 

Online training offers the perfect opportunity for employees to upgrade their skills for current and future roles. In a present position, it shows their managers that they want to improve their skills and perform their job at a higher level. It can help to ensure job security, as learners can move forward with more confidence and show their commitment to the company. Training can also enrich an employee’s role and help them learn more about the part their department plays within the company.  With this context in mind, they can do more to optimize their contribution. Students can even take charge of introducing new concepts and ways of working to the workplace, which could be particularly impressive in the eyes of management.

Upskilling can also lead to pay increases and even promotions. Learning and gaining experience in a popular methodology and earning a certification is a great way to advance a career with larger companies, as many of them put a lot of trust in official certification over pure experience. Advancing skills while working a full-time job also demonstrates motivation and diligence – two factors that are sure to help candidates stand out. 

Up-to-date resources

Employees participating in online training can benefit from the most up-to-date and relevant information and move forward confidently with the knowledge they’ve learned. Frameworks are revised by certified organizations with the help of industry leaders in order to ensure learners are in-the-know with concepts they can apply in the workplace and methods to implement within their teams or departments. 

There are a number of highly relevant topics for anyone interested in staying ahead of working place trends. For example, agile ways of working and digital transformation are highly topical at the moment, and frameworks such as PRINCE2 Agile and ITIL 4 cover them in comprehensive detail. This knowledge gives learners the chance to unlock new opportunities, especially in the ever-evolving workplace environment of the Digital Age.

Better retention

Online training is designed to be engaging, informative, and inspirational in order for students to enjoy their learning experience, or maybe even to have fun! Training online is more advantageous and applicable for today’s learners, rather than traditional ways of learning with lectures and textbooks. Concepts can be more easily retained with bite-sized interactive content and videos that the learner can review as many times as necessary. Distractions that are common in classrooms just aren’t a factor, and students can learn at their own pace, taking all the time it takes to absorb the material.

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Removing pressure and improving retention makes it far easier for candidates to apply what they learn at work. Interactive exercises incorporated into courses can take this further, with popular examples including case studies that are introduced and built on throughout the course to demonstrate how key concepts can be utilized in practice. 

Learning from the best

The best courses offer learning materials from subject matter experts (SMEs) who play an important part in developing the training material. Good e-Learning works with specialists on turning theory into practical insight; they know the ins and outs of their subjects and are acutely aware of the challenges practitioners face in the workplace, as well as how best to respond to them. 

Subject matter experts can even fill the role of traditional course tutors. For example, in many Good e-Learning courses, students can take part in question and answer sessions with SMEs during their final few modules. This can actually be far more effective than interacting with teachers throughout a course, as doing so in order to learn the basics of a syllabus can waste valuable time for everyone involved. Instead, online courses give students the chance to engage with experts at a point where they can get the most value from doing so. 


There are many practical advantages for companies that have adopted an online training scheme. It’s cost-effective, scalable, and easy to manage. Employers benefit from a team that is motivated and better equipped to do their jobs. For employees, the benefits are far more than practical. The experience is an enriching journey for employees to gain confidence, feel motivated, and potentially move forward in their careers. 

Individuals can play a major part in the workplace culture and functionality of their team, creating positive choices for the way in which they and their colleagues work. And remember, training can be fun and incredibly gratifying! Take advantage of the experience and make it work for you.

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