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The Ultimate Guide to: AgileSHIFT

Published: October 22, 2019
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About this Resource:

These days, more so than ever before, being able to adapt and improve is essential for corporate longevity. This drive for ‘enterprise agility’ is deciding the future of industries all over the world, and any business that chooses to remain static will inevitably leave itself vulnerable to the hungry, agile disruptors that continue to characterize the Digital Age.

So, how can you guarantee enterprise agility in your own organization? This is where AgileSHIFT comes in.

Created by AXELOS, AgileSHIFT is a framework designed to enable enterprise agility by creating organization-wide cultures which can support it. Not only does AgileSHIFT ensure that opportunities for change never pass by unnoticed, but it also guarantees that change initiatives can proceed in a way that maximizes the potential benefits.

This guide to AgileSHIFT tells you everything you need to know about the new framework from AXELOS including the many benefits for both organizations and individuals interesting in Enterprise Agility and business transformation. Find out how AgileSHIFT could transform your organization, or even help you take the next step in your career!