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Benefits of Using a Learning Management System (LMS)

Published: October 23, 2020
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If you’re an employer ready to introduce your team to online learning, chances are you’ve heard of “Learning Management Systems.” But do you really know what an LMS is or how essential they can be for teams and training managers hoping to reap the full benefits of online training?

Whether you are worried about the cost of your corporate training scheme or how to provide organization and flexibility for your employees, an LMS will typically have everything you need.

So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS).

What are the fundamentals of an LMS?

An LMS, simply put, is a learning platform designed to enable companies to store and track the use of online training resources in order to make learning experiences more efficient, both for managers and employees. All information, such as test scores or time spent training, can be easily accessed to support and motivate learners who are participating in their organization’s training scheme.

Not only does an LMS allow learners to organize and access what can be an enormous amount of information all in one central place, but it can also help managers to confidently oversee and monitor their teams. It’s one of the most essential tools for when you’re ready to take your employees on the enriching journey of learning and upgrading their skills.


Optimized accessibility has to be one of the most significant benefits of an LMS. All online courses and accompanying materials can be accessed whenever and wherever, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Without a central place to access the necessary learning materials and resources, the training experience could be quite confusing and very daunting – not to mention difficult to organize.

Learners can also use an LMS to access support for technical questions and course inquiries. At the same time, learners can interact with one another to share progress and discuss ideas. A good LMS will operate well and be user friendly, making accessibility easy and implementation immediate.

Assess progress easily

LMS platforms come with tracking systems that can monitor and extract metrics to do with digital learning, allowing managers to see what courses have been taken and by whom, track the progress of their learners, and identify areas where individuals need help to improve.

Real-time data is important for enterprises that want to evaluate and assess the impact their learning program is having on the business. The metrics offered by an LMS encourage continuous improvement, with employers constantly aware of where they can improve their training schemes. As a result, employers can create learning experiences optimized in terms of engagement and effectiveness, offering significant advantages to both stakeholders and learners.

Training managers can also use an LMS to access reports and infographics on individual employees. This can help them decide when to offer additional encouragement or attention to certain learners, with a crystal-clear perspective on exactly where they need to improve.

Make training collaborative

Social interaction is essential to making a learning experience worthwhile. As a manager, you want your team members to get the most from a course and, naturally, enjoy it at the same time! An LMS can offer features that make learning a collaborative effort, with employees actively participating in sharing ideas and progress in a way that will carry into their daily work.

One of the most common features found in LMS platforms is discussion forums, which are valuable in a number of ways. Seeing employees get involved in discussions can encourage others, even those who would be uncomfortable speaking up in a classroom environment.  Learners can also tackle difficult questions together or even gain experience in applying their training as part of a team effort.

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Learn with ease

Your employees will get more from their learning experience when an LMS is in place. They’ll actually appreciate wanting to learn, rather than seeing a course as something they’re being forced to make time for!

An LMS should be user friendly and offer modern solutions in line with today’s business trends and needs. It should be intuitive for learners and managers, requiring little to no training to actually use the platform. As a result, there will be minimal disruption once training starts, and since employees can study anywhere and any time, they will not be forced to take time away from crucial work-related tasks.

Cut costs

An LMS lets you say goodbye to the high costs of classroom training. Not only that, but with easier, more accessible, and more effective training, the ROIs for employee training will also be far more impressive!

Managers can cut their L&D budgets with the exclusion of printing out learning materials as they would for classroom-based programs. They can also avoid expensive travel or accommodation costs for instructors, as well as instructor fees.

The costs of using an LMS are also fairly limited. For example, updates for an LMS are usually automatic, saving managers the money, time, and potential problems associated with upgrading a system themselves.

Enjoying more LMS benefits with the Learning Ecosystem

Do you want to ensure your chosen LMS offers the best experience possible for you and your team? This is where the Learning Ecosystem comes in!

Developed and supported by Good e-Learning, the Learning Ecosystem is based on the Docebo LMS. It makes training experiences all the more effective for both managers and employees taking part in online training.

So, what does the Learning Ecosystem offer that you won’t find anywhere else?


What makes the Learning Ecosystem so unique is that you can adapt and modify the LMS platform with your company’s own branding. The organization’s logo, color scheme, banners, and videos will create a familiar setting for your learners, and you can even ask for a unique URL based on your company’s brand.

One of the benefits of having a branded LMS is that you can set your company apart from any others in the training program you have established. This can provide a big bonus for morale and encourage your staff to keep upskilling, knowing that the company is invested in their development.


If you feel like adopting an LMS would be a lot for you and your employees to process, you will be glad to hear that the Good e-Learning support team is more than prepared to make things easy. The team is highly rated on Trustpilot for the support offered via the Learning Ecosystem, including administrative management, troubleshooting, and even answering questions on course content.

Additionally, the Good e-Learning support team can adapt the Learning Ecosystem to suit your own needs. As a value-added reseller for Docebo, we can shape the system to fit the number of learners you have in mind, what features you will require, how you will judge the success of your training scheme, and more.

You can rest assured that with the extensive knowledge the support team has,  you’ll be in good hands!


Depending on the success of your training initiative, you may be interested in expanding it later on. Easy scalability is one of the top benefits offered by the Learning Ecosystem, with the platform being capable of accommodating as many learners as a company may require.

When you choose the Learning Ecosystem, you can be sure that your LMS will be able to grow alongside your business. The support team will also be on hand to ensure the expansion happens as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Good e-Learning’s courses

Good e-Learning does not simply offer a world-class LMS; we also have a range of fully-accredited online training courses. Companies using the Learning Ecosystem can purchase and access these courses via the platform, benefitting from our team’s expertise on topics like ITIL 4, PRINCE2, DevOps, TOGAF, and many others. Our certification courses even come with FREE exam vouchers.

Whatever your objectives are for your employees, we’ll help you find the right course for your team-training needs.


Having an LMS takes team training to the next level, but Good e-Learning can take it even further.

To learn more about the benefits offered by the Learning Ecosystem, take advantage of the free trials and demos we have on offer, or simply ask how you can create a training scheme that works for you, simply get in touch with a member of our team – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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The Learning Ecosystem (LMS)

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