What’s Changed in ArchiMate 3.2

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ArchiMate 3.2: A Streamlined Approach to Enterprise Architecture Modeling

ArchiMate, the industry-standard language for enterprise architecture (EA), has undergone continuous evolution. While versions 2.1 and 3.0 represented significant leaps forward, ArchiMate 3.2 focuses on streamlining and clarifying existing functionalities.

Core Strengths Remain

Like its predecessors, ArchiMate 3.2 empowers EA professionals to visualize, analyze, and communicate complex architecture concepts with clarity. Its close alignment with the TOGAF standard ensures consistency within the EA ecosystem.

Key Updates in ArchiMate 3.2

  • Enhanced Definitions: Concepts like outcome, constraint, business function, and product now have improved definitions for increased understanding.
  • Consolidated Physical Layer: Physical elements are now integrated within the Technology Layer chapter, reflecting a more unified view.
  • Refined Technology Layer: The Technology Layer metamodel has been revamped. Devices, system software, facilities, and equipment are no longer classified as nodes, but as technology internal active structure elements. Additionally, composition and aggregation relationships with nodes have been introduced for better modeling flexibility.
  • Expanded Relationships: New derivation rules and relationships have been established, including composition and aggregation from plateau to outcome, realization from material to equipment, and derivation for grouping.
  • Visual Tweaks: Icon notations for meaning, communication network elements, and work packages have been introduced. Box notations for various concepts like meaning, value, business object, contract, representation, and work package have also been added. Finally, the default color of plateau and gap elements has been adjusted for better visual alignment with other Implementation and Migration elements.

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