7 Ways to Sell More in Less Time

Published: June 29, 2017
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7 Ways to Sell More in Less Time

Sales is frequently referred to as a numbers game. In reality it’s a quality game.

You should always be asking yourself: What can I do differently in order to maximise the sales I make in the time I have?

Here are seven things you can do right now to sell more in less time.

1: Don’t end today until tomorrow is planned

Don’t finish a day without planning the next one. If you wait until the morning, you’ll waste valuable time that could have been spent selling. Always lay out the next day specifically with who you’re going to call and what you are going to do.

2: Listen more and talk less

You’ll never know what your prospect is looking for unless you listen to them – and that means actively listening to them. Give them your full attention by removing all distractions, for example closing down email.

Whilst it’s good to have an agenda for your call, never assume what your prospect needs. Ask open questions that allow your prospects to give full answers. Be present in the moment and really listen to the answers they give you – you might be surprised what you hear once you remove all assumptions from your mind.

3: Manage email distractions

Most sales people live out of their inbox. They arrive at the office and dive into email. Even worse, they check email on their phone as soon as they wake up in the morning in the hope that one of them might be from the prospect they were hoping to close that day. As a result, their whole day is full of distractions.

Start thinking differently and ask yourself: What’s the most important thing I should be working on?

Research shows if you’re constantly disrupted, you’re adding an hour or two to your day. This disruption also harms your thinking ability and to be successful in sales you to be alert, agile and ready to problem solve.

Answer emails in blocks. Spend 25 minutes 2-3 times per day in email answering mode. Then log out of your email client and get on with the rest of your day.

Habits are hard to change. When we try to change habits, our brains create a massive resistance. To overcome this, you need to create clear goals. For example, leaving the office on time each day.

Once you have established your goal, you need to come up with a positive action to help you achieve that goal – one that you can start doing and not one that you should stop doing.

5: Take breaks

Working for hours on end won’t make you productive, but it’ll certainly make you tired, stressed and less efficient.

Taking breaks gives your brain a chance to relax. When you get up and start moving around your brain turns into mind wandering mode and finds the answers – better answers – to the questions you’ve been thinking about.

6: Be a time master

Imagine yourself as playing the role of ‘time master’ each day. Your mission is to make sure you use your time as efficiently as possible. The more efficient you are the more points your score. It might sound silly but research indicates that when you act as if you’re someone else, you start to possess some of the qualities you are pretending to be. By playing the role of ‘time master’ you will become the ‘time master’.

7: Keep things simple

Make decisions simple for your prospects. Sales people often tend to overcomplicate things and send out too much information. Prospects are busy people. Simplifying things as much as you can really contributes to accelerating sales and will use up less of your valuable time.

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